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The Spiral Cloud

This is an interactive playground that encourages the appreciation of nature through function and play. When the weather is warm, filtered river water engulfs the entire structure like a giant cloud. This structure is designed to be on the Alkaff Bridge over the Singapore River, where children and adults can play and interact. The Spiral Cloud not only stimulates activities in this area, but also brings the elements closer to us. As such, it is a bridge between nature and us.

The Living Shell

This futuristic-looking structure is to collect and store rainwater during warmer weather. The collected rainwater will be filtered in a cost-effective way and used to water the plants and cool the interior. The rainwater storage tank will be connected to a sprinkler system, which is temperature-dependent and sensor-based—a configured thermometer takes temperature readings and will activate the sprinkler system when the temperature hits a high level. Both the exterior and interior water sprinkling systems will also be equipped with a timer function. Patrons can then experience a cooling mist within an urban environment.

Design Excellence Awards 2015

Spade Singapore (Leisure design) – Bronze

Spade Asia Pacific (Leisure design) – Gold

Deloitte Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

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